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A preacher with an uncommon prayer insight into the powerful word of God. Pastor Johnson’s ministry has touched lives across racial and gender backgrounds. With an awe-inspiring mix of real-life experiences, personal revelations through fervent prayers and convictions, and time-tested facts from years of study and research, all wrapped up in scriptural-based and undiluted word of life, he delivers his message with precision and undeniable impact.

Pastor Olatunde Johnson

Pastor Johnson is undoubtedly Divinity’s mouthpiece and a strategic change agent. Knowing whom he represents, this kingdom ambassador delivers every message without prejudice. They that know their God shall indeed do exploits. Pastor Johnson surely knows his God and honor God his master always.

Pastor Johnson’s passion for excellence in life and ministry is simply contagious. If in search of the kingdom’s definition of class, an encounter with Pastor Johnson will be highly recommended. A pastor, worshiper, teacher, father, mentor and a distinguished ambassador of the kingdom, Pastor Johnson is simply an experience! God’s men are not only anointed, but also assisted. A dynamic graced daughter of Zion First lady Dolly ably assists Pastor Johnson on his life mission. Together, they are fulfilling the mandate of raising a taking-over generation on the platform of the Revelation Praise Prayer Tower.

We Believe faith in Jesus requires repentance, confession of faith before witnesse and obedience to His Word. Baptism by immersion demonstrates our faith and obedience while it depicts our union with Christ in His death, burial, and resurrection. Baptism does not save you, but shows the world that you have already been saved.  Click to read more...

Revelation Praise Prayer Tower Ministries, embrace godly core values and practices. Just as a tree draws vital moisture and nourishment through its roots, our ministry has roots that transmit the life of Jesus into everything we do. These roots, or core values, are the things that we do all the time — at every stage in the life of our ministry.  Click to read more.....

1. Embrace the unmerited love of God.

2. Understand that our sin separates us from God- God cannot stomach our sins.

3. Understand why Jesus died - The penalty for sin of any kind is eternal death. We   could not pay our own penalty and still live.

4. Accept the Resurrection of Christ - The resurrection proves who He is and proves there is life beyond the grave.      Click to read more.....

A wonderful blessing we have in Christ is being members of His body, the church

a) When we properly understand:

b) What the church is, both in its universal and local sense

c) What our responsibilities are toward the church

d) Then we can better utilize this blessing to help us remain faithful in our lives as disciples of Christ.     Click to read more.....


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